Dining in the Dark

Last summer, on the way to the Burgundy wine region of France, Kirsta's group made a short stop in Amsterdam.  For Kirsta, it was the perfect opportunity to finally try out a dining concept she had long been curious about at C-Taste, a restaurant where dinner is served solely in a pitch black dining room. It was such a great new way to experience food! Identifying food and wine without being able to see it, with no clues from the staff, was challenging and quite entertaining for the whole group. It's amazing how big sight is a part of food.  She immediately knew she wanted to share this experience with others in her future restaurant.  Market 17’s completely private dining room is the perfect place for a few tables or a group of up to 12 to enjoy this interesting and unique dining experience.

How it Works:
We have a special dark room that is separate from the main dining room. Dining in the dark is served as a blind tasting menu. When you arrive at the restaurant, your server will greet you in the light and talk to you about any food allergies, dietary restrictions or extreme dislikes.  The idea, though, is to be as open to anything and everything as you possibly can.   But don't worry, the food will be great and ingredients most people eat everyday, we aren't trying to Fear Factor anyone or gross anyone out. The goal is to heighten your other senses and experience great food without the help of sight. Once your food restrictions are discussed and out of the way, your server will lead you into the dark room and help you get seated for the adventure you are about to embark on.

Chef Lauren DeShields creates separate dishes nightly solely for our dine-in-the-dark guests.  The dining room is completely dark so your server will help you locate and stabilize your food and drinks.  You are on your own to taste, smell, even feel your food- and figure out what you are eating and drinking.  Silverware will be on the table but is optional, and from Kirstas' experience, not recommended,

We offer 4 to 8 courses starting at $75/person and optional blind wine pairings starting at $25/person. The experience is in a completly pitch black private room with your own personal server catering to your every need and guiding you through the process. The experience is usually best enjoyed while in a group of four or more. When making a reservation, please note on weekend nights only, a $350 food and beverage minimum is required for parties of 3 or less. Please call 954.835.5507 for reservations, as they cannot be guaranteed through opentable online.

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To make a reservation by phone, please call 954.835.5507.

Due to very limited seating, dining in the dark reservations are not guaranteed when booked on Open Table. Please call 954.835.5507 for dining in the dark reservations.

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